Studio and Gallery
312 Fifth Avenue
Portland, TX 78374
Studio and Gallery
312 Fifth Avenue
Portland, TX 78374
Without a doubt, Dinah
Bowman is most well-known  
for her mastery of the art
technique called "gyotaku"
or "fish-rubbing
."  Gyotaku
is the Japanese technique of
nature printing.  The earliest
known pieces of this art date
to the early 1700s.  In Japan,
gyotaku is practiced by
fishermen and biologists
alike to preserve records of
their catches.  
"Midnite in the Garden of Good and Evil"
Studio and Gallery
Dinah Bowman (C)
Dinah Bowman was first exposed to this technique in
Japan in the 1970s.  She was the first Texas artist to
practice this craft.

gyotaku has gained popularity over the
years, the basics have remained the same: A fish is
inked, and a relief impression is made by pressing the
painted fish with a piece of paper or cloth.  When
lifted, the ink transfers from the fish to the paper or
cloth, leaving a realistic rendition of the fish.

Dinah's true gift shines as she transforms a
rudimentary "fish rubbing" into fine art as she
completes the work with lifelike details (or as we call
it, "de ta
ils"), beautiful backgrounds and scenes, and
clever embellishments.  It is no wonder why these
works are often a wonderful
alternative to taxidermy.

Although Dinah is most recognized for her fish
rubbings, she greatly enjoys a wide variety of
additional mediums and subject matter.  Dinah's
award-winning watercolors and scratchboard designs
of birds, shells, and the nautical lifestyle are among
and personal favorites.